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Bratz Passion 4 Fashion is the sequel of Bratz. It has many of the characters from movies and the dolls that came later than the Bratz pack was released. This pack did not appeal much to the Top Trumps fans but went down well will with the Bratz fans.

Card List[]

Diamondz Cloe
Diamondz Jade
Diamondz Sasha
Diamondz Sharidan
Diamondz Yasmin
Genie Magic Cloe
Genie Magic Jade
Genie Magic Katia
Genie Magic Sasha
Genie Magic Yasmin
On Ice Dana
On Ice Maribel
On Ice Maylin
On Ice Vinessa
On Ice Yasmin
Princess Cloe
Princess Jade
Princess Meygan
Princess Phoebe
Princess Sasha
Sweetz Cloe
Sweetz Felicia
Sweetz Kumi
Sweetz Siernna
Sweetz Yasmin

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