Do More Stuff
Producer Just Stuff
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Countries UK
Year 2007
Case N/A
No. of Cards 30
Stats Time
Point of Doing
Rather be Eating Chocolate %

Do More Stuff is the sequel to Do Some Stuff including the same stats and a much different template. What's most interesting about this pack is the front card and how it has nothing to do with the pack but it looks cool. The template varies on some cards but normally has a lightish blue and darky redy colour. Some cards include a website at the bottom depending on the pack. Do More Stuff has no SSTs.

Card List Edit

A Card on Paint
A Card on Photoshop
Advent Calender
Caravan Holiday
Designing Do More Stuff
Getting Changed
Getting Shot
Guild Wars
Killing Time
Lego Star Wars II
Lord of the Rings Movies
Making Do More Stuff
Mini-Mizing Yourself
Purchasing Trumps
Saying a Funny Joke
Saying Sorry
School Day
Shooting Gits
Star Wars Movies
The Pub
The World Cup
Top Trumps LIVE
Tuning the Radio
Wait for the World Cup
Waking Up
World War I

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