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Doctor Who has been famous for many years, but in 2006 it was made into a pack. It's not the first of its kind. In fact, it isn't really the second either. In 1978, JotaStar made a Dr Who pack containing 20 playing cards. This had a few errors. BBC made a Dr Who pack of 20 which is only playable online at there website. But these are the most attractive. The set features 30 characters from the new series 1 and half way through series 2. The best card in the pack is Emperor Dalek being best at 2 stats, second best in 2 and a reasonable amount in the final stat. The pack's information comes from Justin Richards, author of Doctor Who, Aliens and Enemies. Some people however believe that the 9th Doctor should have been a card or an STT. But thehe only different stats from The (10th) Doctor would be height, you may be able to tweak a few stats by 1 or 2 but is it worth it? There happens to be an STT based on The Abzorbaloff for this pack.

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