Doctor Who Season 3 is the sequel to Doctor Who and has many characters from Series 2 and 3 of Doctor Who, the popular Sci-Fi TV series. The cards Toby Zed and Ood have red foil as their eyes so it looks like they are possessed. There is a Dalek Sec STT for this pack even though his hybrid version is in the pack. There also is a Mother Bloodtide. Mother Doomfinger is already in the pack.

Card List

Chloe Webber
Chloe's Father
Cyber Army
Dalek Sec Hybrid
Empress of the Racnoss
Faceless Person
Francine Jones
Judoon Captain
Martha Jones
Mother Doomfinger
Novice Hame
Pete Tyler
Pig Slave
Professor Lazarus
Roboform Santa
The Beast
The Cult of Skaro
The Doctor
The Hoix
The Isolus Child
The Plasmavore
The Wire
Toby Zed
Weeping Angel
Yvonne Hartman

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