Final Fantasy VII & VIII Characters
Producer Just Stuff
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Countries UK
Year 2005
Case N/A
No. of Cards 25
Stats Weapon
Best Weapon Attack %
Max Health

Final Fantasy VII & VIII Characters was a Stuff Trumps pack made by Just Stuff. In fact it was there first, featuring 4 fact stats featuring 20 playable characters in the games, 3 bosses, and 2 extra characters. There is an SST for this pack, the great Sephiroth.

Card List Edit

Aeris Gainsborough
Barret Wallace
Cait Sith
Cid Highwind
Cloud Strife
Edea Kramer
Headmaster Cid
Irvine Kinneas
Kiros Seagul
Laguna Loire
Nanaki (Red XIII)
Quistis Trepe
Rinoa Heartilly
Seifer Almasy
Selphie Tilmitt
Squall Leonhart
Tifa Lockheart
Vincent Valentine
Ward Zaback
Yuffie Kisaragi
Zell Dincht

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