Goblins & Faeriefolk
Producer Waddingtons
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Countries UK
Year 1988
Case clear plastic case
No. of Cards 30
Stats Strength
Magical Force
Goblins and Faerifolk was one of the 4 Fantasy Waddingtons packs. It had 30 cards, all based on unlicensed characters designed and made by Waddingtons. This pack was featured in Winning Moves ' "The Ultimate Packs". Winning Moves used the picture of the Banshee - Olibanum.

This pack is particularly interesting as it's all made up by Waddingtons, the art used is cool looking and also funny looking on some cars.

Card List Edit

Banshee Olibanum
Bogle Hornblende
Brownie Ludd
Fawn Camas
Goblin Balbrigan
Goblin Boeth
Goblin Feigl
Goblin Fechner
Goblin Fichte
Goblin Flewdling
Goblin Frect
Goblin Geez
Goblin Greulincx
Goblin Grotius
Goblin Grus
Goblin Haekel
Goblin Hahn
Goblin Hobbema
Goblin Hobeu
Goblin Moch
Kelpe Nuxvomica
Kobold Bikou
Leprechaun Dywarth Greid
Nymph Tragacanth
Pixie Bloodroot
Sprigan Duns Scotus
Sprite Doat
Trow Smilax
Water Spirit Purva Mimosa
Will 'O' Wisp Kes

Fawn Camas and Pooka Tuckahoe appear in the Fantasy version of the pack

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