Top Trumps Wiki
Producer Winning Moves
For Pack Roald Dahl Goodies and Baddies
Country UK
Year 2004
From Giant Sleepover 2004
Stats Brains
RD Rating

Grandmamma is the least known about STT. The STT is for the Roald Dahl Goodies and Baddies pack. It was only given out, free, to Scouts at the Giant Sleepover in 2004. Very few of these are in circulation and they are difficult to obtain even through online auctions. Apparently even the owner of Winning Moves, Tom Liddell, does not have a copy of this card. It is thought by some members of the Top Trumps forum that the Grandmamma was never actually released, and that none are in circulation. Tom Liddell has refuted this belief. However no information other than a blurry preview of this card exists. The Grandmamma card is often spelt as "Grandmama" but this has been disproved and it has officially got a double 'M.'

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