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The maddest, baddest, and coolest customised vehicles ever to hit the road, contained in one Top Trumps pack! Ever wanted a Stretch Hummer? A souped-up Winnebago? Or a pink Range Rover that runs on vegetable oil? Well now's your chance! Weird and wonderful meets cool and crazy in Gumball Custom Cars. - Planet Top Trumps

Gumball 3000 Custom Cars has 30 customised cars in. They are all cars but different from their originals in some way.

There was also a German release called 'Superautos Tuning Power' but was oddly a Specials and different colours.

Card List[]

1970 Dodge
1971 Plymouth
1974 Deutz
1974 Deutz
1980 Lamborghini
1980 Volkswagen
1981 Chevrolet
1981 Nissan 180 SX
1981 Nissan Skyline
R32 GTS 1988 BMW
1988 Ford
1988 Lotus
1988 Mercedes
2003 Bentley
2003 Hummer
2003 Volkswagen
2004 ES Motorsport
2004 Fiat
2004 Mitsubishi
2005 Nissan
2005 Rally Raid
2005 Range Rover
2005 Subaru
2005 Volkswagen
2006 Le Mansory
2007 Mercedes
2007 Mercedes
2007 Range Rover
2007 Reva G-WIZ
2007 Rolls Royce
2008 Lamborghini
2008 Porsche

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