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"At last, its here - the all new Top Trumps Horror! 30 of the most grotesque, chilling, fierce and eerie beasts you've ever seen in one pack! All time favourites like the blood sucking Dracula, the snarling Wolfman and Death himself, the Grim Reaper, confront newer villains like the screaming Banshee, the Witch Doctor and the 3 headed hound of hell, Cerberus on categories including Guts and Gore, Black Magic and Fear Factor. Each card glows in the dark, and features incredible illustration, created especially for Top Trumps. It's a must for any fan....don't have nightmares!" - Planet Top Trumps

Horror was the first pack to feature both Glow in the Dark cases and Glow in the Dark cards. Because of the glow in the dark feature, Winning Moves had to pay a bit more, making it a specials so they could put the price up. All the images are similar in the art. On the bonus cards it also mentions it being playable at the Top Trumps website and the mentioning of a sequel. This pack features a Loch Ness Monster STT.

In the German version, the "Greif" (Griffen) replaces the Doppelgänger card.

Winning Moves made a LIVE game and it was the first game uploaded to Planet Top Trumps officially called a LIVE game featuring the 3 bonus options. The Griffin (The "Greif" in German) replaced King Kong in the LIVE version. King Kong was later added in but they kept the Griffin, which means every round doesn't feature one card.

Card List[]

Crazy Priest
Dr. Jekyll
Dracula's Slave
Grim Reaper
Killer Clown
King Kong
Mad Axeman
Mad Butcher
Mad Magician
Phantom of the Opera
Skeleton Soldier
Stone Age Man
Swamp Creature
The Flaming Man
Wicked Witch
Witch Doctor

  • Greif (Griffin) replaces Doppelgänger in the German version.


Glow in the Dark[]

This is the first pack where both case and cards are glow in the dark.


This pack was made a special due to both cards and pack were glow in the dark, costing more for Winning Moves to make, so they increased the price of the pack by making it a special.


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