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Little Britain was released for the TV show featuring many of the stars of the series'. This pack was made in 2005 and features an Ian and Ian STT which was available with the Top Trumps site. The pack features 5 stats and the character picture which takes up the right section of the card and instead of a description there is a quote.

Card List[]

Andy Pipkin
Bubbles De Vere
Carol Beer
Daffyd Thomas
Dame Sally Markham
Dennis Waterman
Des Kaye
Desiree De Vere
Dudley Punt
Emily Howard
Florence Rose
Harvey Pincher
Kenny Craig
Lou Todd
Maggie Blackamoor
Marjorie Dawes
Matthew Waterhouse
Michael Dinner
Mr. Cleaves
Mr. Mann
Mrs. Emery
Ray McCooney
Reverend Jesse King
Sebastien Love
Sir Bernard Chumley
Ting Tong
Vicky Pollard
Viv Tudor

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