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The Da Vinci Code is based on Dan Brown's book. The pictures are drawn as opposed to photographs from the film, this adding a much nicer effect. However buildings and items were photographed. There are 3 STTs for this pack. The first two were promotions with "The Sun" which were Newton's Tomb and Temple Church. Madonna of the Rocks was a promotion which came with the Da Vinci Code board game.

Card List[]

Andre Vernet
Bishop Aringarosa
Captain Bezu Fache
Castel Gandolfo
Cilice Belt
Depository Bank of Zurich
Jaques Sauniere
Knights Templar
L'eglise de Saint-Sulpice
Leonardo da Vinci
Lieutenant Jerome Collet
Mary Magdalene
Mona Lisa
Opus Dei
Priory of Sion
Remy Legaludec
Robert Langdon
Roslyn Chapel
Sir Leigh Teabing
Sophie Neveu
The Fibonacci Sequence
The Holy Grail
The Last Supper
The Louvre Museum
The Teacher
The Vatacan
Vitruvian Man
Westminister Abbey

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