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The Simpsons Horror Edition features 30 cards, most (if not, all) from the Horror Editions (Treehouse of Horrors) up to edition X. All Horror editions after that are not included.

The Simpsons have always been famous but this pack has sold more than any other Winning Moves pack selling over 843000 copies since it was released in 2003. It's sold more then the other Simpsons packs. The pack includes many zombies plus several attires of Homer, Ned, Bart, Maggie, Krusty and Burns as well as the Gremlin, Sideshow Bob, Officer Lou the Fairy and many more. The episode in which Giant Homer is in is in black and white for an old effect. But this isn't the problem. Notice Marge's attire, it's her usual attire. In the actual episode she doesn't where that. Also, Trick or Treat Milhouse's costume is blue in "Desperately Xeeking Xena" yet it's red on the card. Also this pack has a glow in the dark case similar to Horror, but nope, the cards do not glow in the dark. There was an STT produced for this pack about Clobber Girl.

This pack was rereleased in 2011 in time for Halloween.

Normal Pack Card List[]

Bart Simpson
Count Burns
Count Krusty
*Dead Bart
Devil Ned
Fly Boy Bart
Giant Homer
Homer Simpson
Kang & Kodos
Nelson Muntz
*Neuro Burns
*Officer Lou The Fairy
Pirate Maggie
*Sherri And Terri
Sideshow Bob
The Goblin
Trick Or Treat Millhouse
Witch Lisa
Witch Maggie
Witch Marge
Witch Patty
Witch Selma
*Zombie Dolph
Zombie Homer
Zombie Jimbo
*Zombie Kearney
*Zombie Krabappel
*Zombie Krusty
*Zombie Ned
*Zombie Skinner

Promo Pack Card List[]

(*not included in promo version)

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