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The Black Ultimate Pack was a small change to the red ultimate pack. The Red Ultimate Pack was released 1 year before the Black and the only difference is a few cards. I'm not even sure if they changed the age on some of the cards. The Ultimate pack features 30 top trumping items from websites to categories to holders and to the main factor; packs. But these aren't just Winning Moves packs, these include Dubreq and Waddingtons, which in 2004 were up to 24 years before. Also, what's funny is the card "" no longer exists, so lifespan: 27 isn't accurate, it lasted a few years before it was replaced by the Top Trumps site. After playaday was deleted it was secretly used to host a beta version of Skyscrapers LIVE. But it was found out (by our very own Zeldapedia-I Lion Heart I) but it didn't matter and was deleted as the Skyscrapers LIVE game was completed and it was added to Now Planet Top Trumps is hosted there, which makes sense as on most of the old Winning Moves packs it says the playaday website. The Marvel Comic Heroes card is the pack by Winning Moves but the Villains one is the Waddingtons one. The Horror card is about the 2 Dubreq packs. The Star Wars card is about the American Star Wars pack. On The Simpsons card it mentions that this was Winning Moves best seller. Maybe in 2003 it was the best seller but then it was taken over by its brother pack, The Simpsons Horror Edition. This means that The Simpsons is well liked. There could be a new Ultimate Pack coming out.

Card List[]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Frogs & Toads
Goblins & Faeriefolk
Gumball 3000
Gunmetal Holder
Limited Editions
Marvel Comic Heroes
Marvel Super Villains
Movie Stars
Racing Cars
Racing Trucks
Smash Hits Pop Stars
Star Wars
Super Mini Top Trumps
Super Top Trumps Card
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Simpsons
Top Trumps Juniors
Ultimate Military Jets
Western Gunfighters
World Football Stars

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