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Winning Moves is the biggest Top Trumps company at present. It doesn't only make Top Trumps but it also makes: Monopoly, Da Vinci Code merchandise, The Simpsons merchandise and loads of other games. It took over Parker Brothers who did previously make Monopoly. Winning Moves also made Top Trumps in America under Parker Brothers until they started putting the Winning Moves logo on the packs. Winning Moves are currently the biggest Top Trumps producers but Dubreq and Waddingtons and other previous Trump owners have had more success but Winning Moves Top Trumps resurrection is working and are trying to get Top Trumps in over 30 different countries!


Winning Moves split their Top Trumps into different Categories. these are: Juniors, Classics, Specials, Limited Editions, 3D, Activity Packs and Promos.


Juniors are for little kids who are just getting into Top Trumps. These range from Winnie The Pooh to Power Rangers.


Classics are packs which Winning Moves didn't need to get licenses for or were made before the introduction of Specials.


Specials are licensed packs made by Winning Moves or packs which took a little extra to make e.g. Horror.

Limited Edition[]

Limited Editions are generally for the older kids. As their name suggests, there is a limited supply.


Download free software from show the special cards at your webcam and bring the pack to life.

Activity Packs[]

Inside each pack your find a mini pack of top trumps, Pairs game. Take5 Game, Spot the difference, Observation Quiz, and a bonus activity card and a pencil.


The Promotional packs are packs that are made for a special cause. The first 4 packs Winning Moves made were also Promos. They are packs not available to buy from the usual shops and are often given away at events to promote it.

Top Trumps Products[]