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The Wonders Of The World pack is a beautiful pack of Top Trumps. The pictures are stunning images of the bens Natural landmarks around the world. The back cards can be put together to make a map of the world. This pack is one of the most beautiful pack for stunning photography, great facts and the checkboxes in the corner to tick off once you see them.

Top Trumps do intend to produce another Wonders Of the World pack which would include man-made wonders. But a specific date has not be given. I quote Tom Liddell: "We absolutely intend to design a man-made wonders of the world which will allow us to include the ancient and modern." 16/11/2006. This was his response to a question asked about a man-made Wonders Of the World pack on the "ASK TOM" page of Planet Top Trumps.

The only differences between the UK version and the German version.

  • Instead of it been "KM from London", it's "KM from Berlin."
  • The third stat means "Living Conditions." Therefore the stats are opposited, so 100 becomes 0.

Card List[]

Bungle Bungles
Death Valley
Giants Causeway
Giant Sequoia
Gobi Desert
Grand Canyon
Great Barrier Reef
Great Rift Valley
Guilin Caves
Iguassu Falls
Lake Baikal
Mont Blanc
Mount Erebus
Mount Everest
Mount Fuji
Mount Vesuvius
Ngorongoro Crater
Niagara Falls
Northern Lights
Old Faithful
Perito Moreno Glacier
Planet Earth
Sahara Desert
The Dead Sea
The Matterhorn
The Moon
The Nile

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