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Do you want to be shocked? Disgusted? Amazed?! Our new Top Trumps are made up of weird and wonderful exhibits and exhibitionists from the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! museums and books. Everything from jet-powered portaloos to a vampire killing kit, human cannonball to a weight-lifting frog. Get ready for extremely odd, fascinating and occasionally stomach-turning stuff! - Planet Top Trumps

World of Weird! Ripley's Believe It or Not! is a pack on 30 weird things from the Ripley's Museum.

There is also a USA release with three different cards to the UK release.

Card List[]


Balloon Buffoon
Bela Lugosi Bat
Bulbous Snake
Captain Cutless
Chainsaw Juggler
Crystal Mini Cooper
Crystal Mini Cooper
Extreme High Jump
Funny Face
Giant Roll Cage
Gold-Toothed Cat
Half and Half John
Human Cannonball
Human Canvas
Human Owl
Human Slinky
Iron Maiden
Johnny Eck
Ketchup Drinking Machine
Lady Diana Portrait
Mike the Wonder Chicken
Miss Electra
Robert Ripley
Shrunken Head
Surf Dog
Turbo Potty
Vampire Killing Kit
Volkswagen Jet-Beetle


There are 3 different cards these are:
Dark Master of Escape
Earthworm Eater
Jell-O City

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